The Art of Ema Tanigaki

Metals, Sculpture, Fine Wire, Jewelry, Light

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Sculpture by Ema

Most two dimensional work is just boring. Paintings are all illusion and they do not change when you move around it. Sculpture is my calling. Michalangelo was enraged that people thought of him as a painter. He painted because the Vatican told him he must paint, but he was a sculptor in his soul. A sculptor is more than an illusionist, a sculpture exists in the real physical world.

Three dimensional work can be turned, it lives and casts shadows, it effects the world around it. One can make it four dimensional by incorporating time as an element, either by adding physical movement of the sculpture or the changing of light.

I work mostly with thin gauge metals, some as thin as 0.001 inches. I use the properties of the metals to make my sculpture strong although the materials they are made from are delicate. Work hardening soft metals to make them more resistant, creating stress skin forms to help them defy gravity and pressure. Work that is light and sometimes almost ethereal yet still tough to break. My work has voids. It has an internal form and an external form. My works are all vessels of one kind or another. The negative space is as important as the positive. Yin-yang; light and shadow, positive and negative, strength and delicacy.


Availability of Bronze Baskets

The Bronze Basket Series in this form has been completed. All baskets are one of a kind. They are not currently being displayed in Commercial Galleries. Some pieces are available. In the future we will start to market select works for a short durations via our future online gallery. Until then, please contact us directly for availability and pricing.