The Art of Ema Tanigaki

Metals, Sculpture, Fine Wire, Jewelry, Light

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Jewelry by Ema Tanigaki

The jewelry I make is an offshoot of my sculpture. I find the smaller scale to be easier to play with ideas until they develop into the final sculptural form. However sometimes the jewelry takes on it's own life and truely captures my imagnation, then it develops into a range of work as strong if not stronger than my sculpture. But I am not a jeweler, I am a sculptor of small metals.

On the other hand I love the aspect of interacting with people by making jewelry. Jewelry when it is worn transforms into part of the wearer. The wearer is also transformed by my jewelry. Sometimes a work just fits a person, they resonate together. When that happens I feel a part of me resonates also. It gives me a level of satisfaction that was totally unexpected. So now I am always play with jewelry ideas in the back of my mind, because I love it so, even though I am not a jeweler.


Availability of jewelry

All the jewelry series listed on these pages are completed. All works are one of a kind. The materials I used for the fine wire crochet can no longer be fabricated at a reasonable price. I have a very limited amount of ultra fine gold wire saved for a special project but when that is gone, it is all gone. Since I cannot replenish the stock I have withdrawn these works from galleries. Pieces will be made available for sale through our online galllery. Please check back as it is currently under construction.