The Art of Ema Tanigaki

Metals, Sculpture, Fine Wire, Jewelry, Light

Healey Studio LLC • 416 Aspen Ave NW • Albuquerque, NM 87102 • (505) 765 5555  email addresses

Upcoming and Experimental Works

As I seem to never tire of saying, "I am never short of new ideas." I flitter from project to project making progress with one that will trigger a new idea in another. I will complete many pieces that are not part of a cohesive series. Since art galleries have no patience with marketing work that does not represent a certain fixed style, these pieces usually are not seen by the public. I will work on many successful ideas just to find that the pieces I have created are wonderful but not practical to make into an extended series. I have decided that it is time to show these works because my experiments now outnumber my recognised works. Some may be the seed that will grow into the next fully explored series, and some may be revisted at a later date with new modifications. The fun part is that even I do not know where they will lead me. But I have had them hidden long enough.

In the near fuutre I am planning to sell some of these "unrepresented" pieces on our online gallery/store. They have too much merit to let them sit like wall flowers on my studio shelves. I am planning on keeping most of these pieces as I still need them to trigger my new thoughts.