The Art of Ema Tanigaki

Metals, Sculpture, Fine Wire, Jewelry, Light

Healey Studio LLC • 416 Aspen Ave NW • Albuquerque, NM 87102 • (505) 765 5555  email addresses


I am never at a loss for new ideas. I am always working, thinking of projects, works that I want to do. The only things that limit me are my physical strength to execute my ideas, finding enough time to focus on my work and to be able to concentrate on finishing an idea before I move on the the next. There are so many wonderful materials, metals: such as bronze, copper, silver and gold, glass: in optical, cast and enamel form, fibers: such as paper, canvas, and even metal mesh. So many methods and means, from welding to hammering, forming, pressing, to crochet, weaving, enameling, casting, and the entire world of digital imagery and CNC control. How could anyone ever lack for ideas?

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If I had to summarize my work I would call it "expressive structure". Almost all my work can eventually be broken down into a exoskeleton-like structure put together from fine elements. I like to play with finding the ultimate strength in fine delicate materials. But it is not all engineering, the method must allow for great freedom of expression. It cannot be cold and mechanical. My inspirations come from the Universe's greatest designer, nature. I like to think of myself as creating organic growth from inorganic materials.

When others look at my work I frequently hear phrases like "I have never seen anything like this before." That is because I do not ever have the urge to replicate the type of work that others have done before. I make things because I want to see them myself, and I have not seen them before. I will deeply study a method but only as a stepping stone to further enhance my own personal expression and to modify these methods to new uses. Nothing is more boring to me than an artist who repeats the same thing over and over, except maybe the galleries and museums that celebrate this repetition. My work does not seem fit into any comfortable niche in the art world, but financial success cannot be a goal for a truely ambitious artist, financial reward is just a byproduct of other successes, so my intent is not particularly to fit in any known niche. I feel I am already a great success in that I do create instead of replicate. Time will tell what else I can accomplish.

About Healey Studio

Healey Studio is my pride and joy. Although the daily operation and maintenance of a studio is what most of our time is dedicated to. On the best days I find time to work on my art or at least help my husband and partner, John Healey, in his work. It can be a playground of the mind.

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